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Solo Show at Atrium 26 Gallery

In the Land of the Blind May 14th – May 31st Opening reception: Saturday, May 14, 2016, 6PM – 9PM

Atrium 26 Gallery in Silver Lake is proud to present In the Land of the Blind, a solo show of paintings by Yaron Dotan from May 14th – May 31st, 2016.

In Dotan’s first Los Angeles solo exhibition he offers a unique exploration of perception. As an artist who can only see out of one eye, his art is inspired and informed by the question: What if you navigate a three-dimensional world but see only two-dimensionally? If this is all you know you might naturally be convinced that you are seeing everything. But are you? Dotan’s response to this quandary is to make art about it. Through pulsations, rhythms, depth illusions and double- imagery, he challenges the viewer to see seeing. Dotan started making these images after consulting with a neurobiologist who specializes in optics. Now he uses painting to explore questions around how the eye works, how this affects perception, and what knowledge is. The experience isn’t just personal to the artist, it is universal: we are each often confronted by sudden, surprising and even confounding aspects of the people, objects, landscapes, and ideas that inhabit our world, and which we thought we knew well.

Atrium 26 Gallery

604 North Hoover Street

Los Angeles, CA 90026

(617) 894-5537

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