Yaron Dotan



Ryan and Michelle, 72x48", oil on panel, 2014

Leftovers, 72x48", oil on panel, 2014

Cheers! 48x36", oil on Panel, 2013

Blinds, 36x24", Acrylic on panel, 2015

Journey to the End of the Night, 36x48", acrylic on panel, 2015

Abigail, 36x24", acrylic on panel, 2015

Paul and Karen in Marfa, TX, 72x48", oil on panel, 2013

Grandpa's Casket, 18x24", acrylic on panel, 2015

Birthday Boy, 102x72", oil on canvass, 2014

The World According to Jeff, 48X36", oil on panel, 2013

Mia in Her Boca Shirt, 36x24", acrylic on panel, 2017

Mia, 48x36", acrylic on panel, 2014

Under the Christmas Tree, 36x24", oil on panel, 2013

Mia, 48x36", oil on panel, 2013

The Castrating Divorcee
The Castrating Divorcee

48x48" Oil on panel 2013

Michael's Gift, 18x24", acrylic on panel, 2014

Finishing Touches, 36x48", oil on panel, 2013

Sofia, 18x24", oil on panel, 2014

Abigail Thug Life, 36x48", oil on panel, 2014

We Had Trouble Waking Him, 24x24", oil on panel, 2014

Bonnie and Gillian, 36x48", oil on panel, 2013