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Video Art

Each multimedia animated art piece is created by making marker and white-out drawings on a single sheet of 8.5x11” paper. As each image is completed it is defaced and buried under the drawing that succeeds it. What ensues is a meditation on the theme of creation and destruction. The artistic journey of each piece would have vanished forever had scans not been made of each drawing progression and then animated and edited by my collaborator, filmmaker Bruce Green.

"Sacrifice" has shown at:


Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts 

(performer Peng Hsaio-Yin of Dancecology)

Venice Fine Art Film Festival 

(Winner: Best Experimental Film 2017) 


LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art)


Atwater Village Theater 

(performers Kai Hazelwood and Christine Suarez)


Surrogate Gallery Projects

Two other animated art pieces are in post-production: "The Riddle of Samson," which will include original music by composer Kazimir Boyle, and "Midas."

Sacrifice_photographer Taso Papadakis065
Sacrifice_photographer Taso Papadakis133
Sacrifice_photographer Taso Papadakis059
Sacrifice_photographer Taso Papadakis330
Sacrifice_photographer Taso Papadakis273
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