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The Draw America Project


During the summer of 2013 Yaron Dotan criss-crossed the United States stopping passersby from all walks of life to sit for a roadside portrait. Instead of simply snapping a picture and moving on, he sat with his subjects for up to an hour of animated conversation. This energy was infused into his signature white-out and marker drawings.






Mural Arts Program


Since 2011 Yaron Dotan has been working with at-risk youth all over Brooklyn to paint murals and beautify school environments. 


He is expanding these efforts to the Los Angeles area, and invites all those interested to contact him.





Culture Lab: Sacrifice


Culture Lab: Sacrifice is an interactive, mixed-media art installation and performance piece created by artists Yaron Dotan, Kai Hazelwood, Christine Suarez and Ashira Siegal Fox. The piece engages participants around the central concept of sacrifice. For it, Yaron Dotan created an original animated multimedia piece that dancers performed to. 



In the road trip tradition particular to America, Yaron, along with filmmaker Amelia Green-Dove, hit the road set on discovering the country on their own terms, and understanding this moment in history. 


For more information please visit

Culture Lab is an interdisciplinary arts program, presented by the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center (SIJCC), designed to foster new work and provoke a community-wide conversation about arts and culture that is grounded in Jewish tradition.


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