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Acrylic Painting Classes

Saturday 10:30-1:30am

6 weeks

Price: $250

This is a Zoom class designed for students who want to paint with acrylics but don’t know where to start, or who do but are experiencing technical difficulties. Yaron will work with each student individually to guide them through the process of mixing colors, paint application, layering and final details.


Students will work off of a photograph of their choice and are welcome to explore portraiture, animals, landscapes, still-lifes - sky's the limit.


Students with long-form painting, and each artist will work on one painting continuously throughout the session.


Supply List:


A canvas or canvas board, no smaller than 11x14" and no bigger than 18x24".

A selection of filbert brushes. A small one and a medium sized one will do. 


The paints you get depend on the painting you would like to make. I generally suggest the following colors: Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue, Titanium White, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre. I will let students know if they need others depending on what they are painting. Golden and Liquitex heavy body are the best quality, but Grumbacher and Windsor Newton are will also do, and are more reasonably priced. You won't need more than the 2 oz. tubes.

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